This powerful marketing tool is a game changer for auto body shops. Are you ready to take back your market share from the big corporate shops? Are you ready to fight back against insurance companies steering cars away from your shop?

What is AutoCapture?

AutoCapture uses geofencing, where we put a digital geofence around your competition’s shops or anywhere your customers might be. When someone walks through the “fence”, we can then pick up their phone's ID number and start delivering ads right into their phone’s apps and browser. The person then sees your ad and drives right over to your shop!


Why BodyShop Marketing’s AutoCapture?


Our team of geofencing professionals builds a strategy just for your autobody shop. The unique qualities of your shop can be turned into massive growth with these tools.


We design ads that will grab your potential customer's attention. We work hard to ensure the graphics and words are just right for your specific shop.


Our ads can follow customers across multiple devices that are connected, so we ensure the ads look good on phones, tablets, and desktop.


With our geofencing technology, we can track the number of people who actually visited your shop after seeing your ads. It helps us optimize the ads so they turn more viewers into visitors


We have access to over 600,000 apps. Yes, that’s correct, over six hundred thousand apps. So no matter where they go, we’re able to reach them. And we can even keep serving up ads for many days after they’ve visited your competitor’s shop.  


You have access to a dashboard that shows real-time data on how the geofencing campaign is going. You can see exactly where your hard-earned dollars are being spent.


BodyShop Marketing is built for autobody shops, which means you get specialized services. Beyond that, we only work with one autobody shop per service area,o we will never work with your competition while you’re using our services.

Our AutoCapture process

Discuss your needs

We will get together on a strategy call to narrow in on your shop's goals and needs.

Create a plan

Then we will review how your shop could benefit from AutoCapture and create a custom plan that ensures we get the best return on investment for your shop.


Our team will start working on the plan and deploying the geofencing campaign to take back your shop’s market share.  


As an autobody shop owner, you don’t need to worry about your hard-earned marketing dollars. Our team will take care of it for you.

A team you can trust

BodyShop Marketing is built on the principles of integrity, hard work, and transparency. We will never quit striving to meet your goals and help you succeed.

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