Data shows that customers don’t want to pick up the phone and call your shop. So it’s key to have a chat widget on your website to turn the chat into a text conversation. You can also manage your shops online reputation with our proprietary software.

What is AutoLink?

AutoLink is software that helps you take control of all your texts with your customers and is a great digital tool to manage your online reputation. Our software also gives you a powerful web chat widget that will be installed right on your website. It's actually like the one here on our website.

Why BodyShop Marketing’s AutoLink?


Communicating effectively with your customers can be challenging, especially when you're using different channels. AutoLink brings them all together and gives you one dashboard to see your texts, web chat widget, Facebook Messenger chats, and GMB chats.


Text messages have an extremely high open rate of 98%. This can be a goldmine for shops looking to grow their market share.  


81% of internet users say they are likely to check Google reviews before they visit in person. AutoLink is the best tool for your shop to automatically get more Google reviews and then manage them effectively.  


Our AutoLink software gives you back the steering wheel so you can control your online reputation and engage better with customers.


BodyShop Marketing is built for autobody shops, which means you get specialized services. Beyond that, we only work with one autobody shop per service area, so we will never work with your competition while you’re using our services.

Our AutoLink Process

Discuss your needs

We will get together on a strategy call and have a conversation about your shop's goals and needs.

Create a plan

Then we will review how your shop could benefit from AutoLink, and our team of professionals will create a custom plan that ensures we get the best return on investment for your shop.


Our team will set up your custom software for you, then you are off to the races.


As an autobody shop owner, you don’t need to worry about your hard-earned marketing dollars. Our team will always be available to help with any questions or problems.

A team you can trust

BodyShop Marketing is built on the principles of integrity, hard work, and transparency. We will never quit striving to meet your goals and help you succeed.

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